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My Values 

  1. Authenticity : Staying true to what I believe, I choose and commit to my convictions.  My values, ideals and actions are always aligned to the spirit of humanness that I hold very high.

  2. People are intrinsically kind and intelligent : I truly believe that everyone is striving to do their best, given the circumstances. With different abilities, everyone is highly capable of attaining higher possibilities and elevated performance in their chosen areas of life, personal or professional. owth. 

  3. Empathy and Compassion : When we approach people with these qualities, I believe we understand their world from their perspectives, without prejudices. This attitude  helps me connect with people at every level and partner with them on their journey.

  4. Positive psychology : Happiness is not just removal of negative emotions, it is also about promoting progress and wholesome well-being. Identifying the individual source of happiness is the key.

Empowering Growth for the Power Woman: 

Be the director of your own life! Take charge and decide your path, at any given point in time. Connect with yourself, Empower your heart’s desires with the strength of your mind, Enrich your life!

Know your Heart's desires, Empower them with your Mind's power, Enrich your Life in the way you know, You decide is the Best for YOU!

I'm here to help with..

1. Career:  Whether you are re-entering the workforce, choosing to change your career path or need to grow in your career and  manage work relationships.

2. Leadership Coaching:  When you are a leader or  expecting to become a leader, and are facing challenges.

3. Work-Life balance: Would like to focus on bringing a positive balance between your personal and professional lives.

4. Single woman challenges: When your marital status is 'single', or you are a single parent, navigating situations.

5. Parenting challenges: You have a toddler or a teenager at home and are looking for an optimum way of dealing with them.

6. Building relationships: In personal and professional spaces.

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My Approach
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My Approach

In order for the Coaching process to create sustained results, and thrive through the transformation phase, we follow the 3Cs:

1. Connect : Effective Coaching involves personal and professional discovery process, which is a learning experience that empowers and enhances your capabilities.  You bring to the process an open mind and willingness to work on yourself through the insights you develop along.

We collaborate to establish a relationship of mutual trust and presence, as the process unfolds new dimensions to help you grow and progress towards the goals set by yourself

2. Converse:  Coaching conversations can help with a variety of topics related to personal and professional development, such as:

  • Clarifying and achieving personal or professional goals

  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles or challenges

  • Enhancing personal and professional skills

  • Developing a career path and achieving career goals

  • Improving communication and relationships

  • Increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Enhancing leadership and management skills

  • Managing stress and achieving work-life balance

  • Building confidence and self-esteem

  • Creating a plan for personal or professional growth

3. Continue:     We establish goals and decide on a course of action in each Coaching session. You stay accountable to take the decided further action. Stay with the process, work with confidence, you will see the results each time.  Once the shift happens in your thinking and way of life, there’s no looking back. You are sure to use the new epiphanies and insights as guiding lights to reach your goals and outcomes you set out for, with confidence and joy!

Way to go…..


When you book your individual sessions or join my group discussions and training programs, you have signed up to develop and enhance your confidence levels, to take intuitive action to change the course of your life. 

  • You are unique in your own ways; While holding the traditional roles of a caregiver, you can leverage your experiences and perspectives to realize your dreams, aspirations and goals. You can thrive in your chosen field with the courage and resilience that are innate in you. Your indomitable spirit, my dear woman, will see you crossing all barriers with elan once you set your mind to it!

  • In the partnership with me, you discover your personal truth, build a life which reflects your power and purpose.

  • You will be able to discern the mindset that has become your stumbling block in your way, and work your way up towards your own freedom to achieve. Just survival need not be your way of life, you are capable of reaching the greatest heights as you desire. 

  • When you are feeling stuck where you are, feeling dis-satisfied with where things have reached in your professional or personal space, unfulfilled or demotivated, It IS time to find your Coach to resolve issues and lay ground to define and  move towards a more clear and progressive destination.

  • I help you get clarity on what has been coming in your way, what you can do to mitigate them, How you can plan and take action in a methodical way to reclaim your rightful place of self-fulfillment.  

Jump right in !


Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Sarah Wolfe

For Women born to win!

Let’s change the narratives:

  • When a man is successful, he is brilliant, awesome; when the woman is successful, she works hard, is well supported, and is lucky?!

  • Ambitious is a positive word for men, and has shades of selfishness for women?!

  • Man working longer hours is contributing; woman working longer hours is neglecting her home? Does she ‘have’ to work so hard and compete is the often asked question

  • If one of them is to take off for a sick child at home, who is it more often?

  • Is it the same for a Man and a woman to pack and leave for a business trip?

  • Why is the responsibility of the extended family more on the woman?

If you can identify yourself struggling with any such situations, it IS time to talk.


To provide a safe space for women to explore their possibilities and reach their potential.
To enable every woman to realize her best self, advocate for herself in every sphere of her life.


To reach the maximum number of women and form communities for mutual support.

To inspire women to work for their betterment and individual progress and support each other.

Three Women
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